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February 20, 2010

So we didn’t win the Linden Postcard prize, but… having seen the winners I’m kinda glad.
Enough Said.


On Exhibition

February 11, 2010

Holy Green Cow is currently on exhibition in Melbourne with the Linden Postcard Show.

Held at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art on Acland st St Kilda (Victoria).

To be there or not be there. That is the question.

I’m there is the answer.


Least the shirt looks good :p

February 3, 2010

iMog caught wearing the new shirt ‘Plan 10’

How cool is that Shirt!!

To keep in the tradition of the art, this was shot untouched on the iPhone.

Well, yes… I had to touch the phone. Duh.

Contact this site if you want to buy the shirt ($40 each)