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March 19, 2010

The following images are from a previous series entitled ‘The Dreams of Ordinary Man’. This series was quite instrumental in getting me to my next series ‘They Came’. Using imagery from the ‘Boy’s Own’ books that I read as a child and the paintings of David Bromley I wanted to convey a dreamlike heroism.

Inspired by meeting Tracey Moffatt at her artist talk at UQ, I am seeking to find a voice for myself… the average man. Not quite a minority, though I belong to a much maligned group.

The Majority.

Where the world can be harsh if you have nothing to complain about. This was an effort to show that even people with no major difficulties in their seemingly blessed lives, need to escape sometimes.

Even if it’s only in the form of a daydream. I have no complaints, I’m healthy and have a roof over my head, but there is always something missing. This series was an attempt at showing a surreal and dreamlike view of the everyman… who ever that may be.

So I thought I’d post a few shots…