Cataclysm… it’s here!!! (finally)

Just finished uploading the new miniseries… Cataclysm

Check it out HERE

Big thanks to Nadine, Adam, Casper and Jean-Maree for helping out with the series. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them…

Also thanks to the Internet. Where would we be without it?

I know… We’d be outside doing stuff. Not sitting around in our houses getting fatter and less sociable. We’d also type in English, not some lame hybrid language that seems to neglect the importance of vowels.

Because of the internet, you may never actually visit an art gallery, but you can still be an art critic. Sure, it’s great for downloading the latest release by the latest one hit wonder that is basking in their 15 minutes of fame… It’s not really stealing is it if the songs are so bad? No, paying $30 for a CD with only one decent song on it… THAT’S stealing.

No, the internet is wonderful. Really, it is.


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