Just wanted to share my latest purchases…


Luke Roberts: Pope Alice Encounter series 2002

This is the SHIT!!

Holy Green Cow Loves this and I am soooo lucky to own this. Ah ite!!

I would love to meet Pope Alice. Holy Green Cow meets the Pope… Brisbane rules!!!

Pope Alice 🙂

Next is something that Jean and I have been after since before I started Uni… a Ray Cook.

This isn’t the one Jean was after, but you cant say no. Ray is one of Australia’s best Photographic artists and it’s his unique vision and humour that really appeal to me. Plus he has helped steer my art more than anyone. Even my psychologist…

Funny thing is he wouldn’t even know or care, but I have a really deep respect for Ray and his art. OMG this is starting to sound EMO… just look him up and see for yourself. Before I start trying to cut myself for attention.

Gigi by Ray Cook

Lastly, Jean and I were lucky enough to get this amazing work by one of our favourite people… Renata Buziak.

This is the second purchase of Renatas work, but that should just tell you that we love what she does…

Grevillia Intricate 8/9 2006

These three artists are among the best that this country has to offer, so these purchases are extremely gratifying. Go, buy your own art.

It’s good for the soul.

Remember this when the Holy Green Cow exhibition opens at the QCP in August….   🙂

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