The Future is NOW…

Just got back from a loooong drive to Toowoomba and back (with no stereo and only Ween’s ‘Mister wont you please help my pony’ going on and on in my head for the entire trip… there is something to be said for not being sober)

Anyway, it was an awesome day and Holy Green Cow has been given a great honour, by having all four works from the ‘They Came‘ series acquired (purchased) by the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Not only that, but they have been chosen for the ‘Crates on Wheels‘ touring exhibition in 2011 !!!!

I had a great chat with the Lord mayor and his wife about Holy Green Cow and art and music.

Special thanks to Sue and everyone at the Gallery. It was a fantastic exhibition and I am really quite blown away.

2 Responses to “The Future is NOW…”

  1. just your friend nat Says:

    maybe if u let me know next time i can come!

  2. HolyGreenCow Says:

    True, but it was invite only this time. Still if you get into town you should pop in the gallery and take a look!!

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