One year down

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first post on here as HolyGreenCow.

And what a year it’s been…


* 5 Brilliant Exhibitions

* Finalist in 2 Art Prizes

* Finished 2 Great New Series – Cataclysm and austrALIENation

* Worked with one of my heroes – Luke Roberts

* Worked with another of my heroes – Clarissa Bones

* Graduated Uni – Bachelor of Photography

* 5 Images acquired by Public Galleries

* Now have 2 wonderful galleries to represent HGC – C Gallery and 19 Karen

* Drank a LOT of wine (and Coffee)

* Met some fantastic people on the way…


To everyone that has been positive, Thank you. Especially Jean-Maree, who has helped me work my way through all this with a minimum of bloodshed    :p

To the people that have been negative, Thank you too. You have helped me focus.

Ok, thanks for reading. It has been a remarkable year.

Much Love,



Oh and I got this photo from Renata Busiak, it’s from the Pine Rivers Regional Gallery’s ‘SNAP!’ exhibition which closes soon. I’m so pleased to be hung alongside Renata, she is awesome!!


Renata, me and our work at Pine Rivers Art Gallery

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