Graduation Night

For better or for worse… it’s done. I now have a Bachelor of Photography. And a Life again…

… At least until I start Honours next year. It’ll be a struggle, but hey.. what in life isn’t?

Unfortunately I had to do it all alone last night, with Jean in Tasmania collecting her own ‘Master of Contemporary Art’ and Mum and Dad not able to make it due to health reasons. Thankfully Simon and Justine were there to help fill my belly with wine and curry on our ‘special night’  :p

But here’s a quick photo from last night’s graduation with my great friend Fidi. One of the other people that helped make it a little bit pleasant. Thanks Fidi and I will see you in LA (one day)   🙂


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2 Responses to “Graduation Night”

  1. Linda Puetter Says:

    Hey Ian,

    Enjoyed the Hogwarts experience with you last night. Nice to sit next to someone that shared my sense of humour. Good luck with your Honours. You’ll do amazing things. As I told you before I believe in Karma and good things will be coming your way.

    Merry Christmas!!

    • Hey Suess Says:

      Thanks Linda!! I couldn’t have picked a better person to share that with 🙂
      It was all a little surreal wasn’t it… but yeah. Thanks for the chat. (and not falling completely out of your dress) :p

      Make sure you keep in touch!! I’m hoping that Karma has some treats in store for you too. I liked your business idea, I think you are going to do REALLY well!!

      Merry Christmas to you too xx

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