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Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

May 10, 2012

Long time no blog, but I just wanted to post this picture of the first framed image from ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told 2’.

It has made the finals of the Moreton Bay Region Art Awards and I am extremely pleased, It looks great (even if this photo doesn’t show it…)

I literally picked it up from the Framers and dropped it off, so this is my first and last look at it… Til the opening on the 18th of May.

(Cordelia’s 1st Birthday)  :p


Prometheus Visual Art Awards 2011

May 20, 2011

Had the Moreton Bay Art Awards tonight and my acquaintance Walter took home a Merit Award. Congrats. I didn’t actually get to speak with him unfortunately. Pretty sure he has no idea who I am  🙂

Dropped off  ‘KittyRevenge 2’ to the Prometheus Visual Arts Award on the Gold Coast today. Looking forward to that one, it’s one of the biggest prizes I have been involved with so far.

Marian Drew and Lister ( I LOVE his work) made the finals last time (2009), so I am quite honoured just to have made the finals. Fingers Crossed I guess…

But really, this week I have already been blessed with the birth of my daughter Cordelia, that anything else would be a miracle.

Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

May 11, 2011

Dropped the work off today with JME Pool. Our second year in the finals at the Moreton Bay Region Art Awards.

Winners are announced next Friday. Jean will be a little busy, but I might be able to make it.  😉

Saw Walter Stahl drop his off too, it’s the third or fourth time Walter and I have been hung together. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember me though. Such is the anonymous lifestyle of HGC  🙂

Check him out though, he’s doing something cool and different too…

Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

August 6, 2010

Just a quick note to share some good news for Holy Green Cow and that is that I was selected for the Finals of the Future Nurture Biennial Emerging Artist Awards Exhibition. (thats a mouthful)

I’m pretty damn excited as this is a brilliant opportunity to get my work to new people that may never have seen my process.

More info as it comes to hand and don’t forget the QCP exhibition starting soon as well as the group show at Martin Galleries in October.

Thanks for all the support, I hope to see you all there!!


Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards

April 8, 2010

Just found out that Holy Green Cow has been selected in the Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards. (formerly the Pine Rivers Art Prize)

Kitty Revenge 2 is what they selected and it’s a fantastic opportunity. A $5000 prize for photography/digital art.

Fingers crossed for the announcement Friday 21st May !!