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You have to laugh..

October 30, 2010

While this isn’t strictly HGC related, it’s pretty bloody funny, so I wanted to share…

Saw this on the way home from dinner last night on a sign post in the middle of Nundah.

Good to see that not everybody in the world has lost their sense of humour  🙂

A breath of fresh air :p


October 28, 2010

Final adjustments to the Artist statement and Titles is complete and the series is now finished.

The series will make it’s debut at Brisbane Square Library in January and February 2011 alongside a selection of images from THEY CAME

01:31:12 (The Last Goodbye) from the series 'austrALIENation'


Openings etc…

August 23, 2010

Thanks to all those that attended the opening on Saturday night (Election night). It was a great night and from the feedback I got, it seems the series was really well recieved.

Was great to chat with Alison Kubler and Walter Stahl too. Alison Opened the exhibition and Walter was another of the artists.

Thanks again to QCP for selecting me and to the staff that made it happen so wonderfully.

It’s up for a month in the window of the QCP, so if you get a chance, check it out with the other great artists on show too.

Warning: the following photos contain self congratulatory themes…

From the catalogue for the exhibition by Yolande Norris - click to read.

With one of the stars of the series iMog - graciously permitting this photo to be taken 🙂

The launch of Holy Green Cow - Drinking white wine... Hmmm... Don't tell anyone.