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And now for something completely different…

July 9, 2010

Divine Inspiration...

Went wine shopping yesterday and could not go past these three. Two are from the SOME YOUNG PUNKS winemakers in South Australia and I was lucky to buy the last bottle of ‘The Squid’s Fist’ Sangiovese/Shiraz that was there.

I love their style and from the reviews I have read, I think I’ll love their wine even more. Holy Green Cow thoroughly recommends you check them out…

The other bottle is from R WINES and I’m assured this is a BIG Shiraz. ‘ a wine that will body slam your tongue’ – let’s hope.

Obviously these labels fit right into the Holy Green Cow ethos, so it is a pleasure to bring them to you via this blog. After all, 97% of all my inspiration comes after quite a few glasses of red, so it’s only fair to start giving back  🙂



May 25, 2010

It’s funny, but I have really gotten a lot of inspiration from what I am currently doing. Maurice Ortega (a walking encyclopaedia) has really (and probably quite unknowingly) given me some focus and perspective.

Enough to finish the current mini series and look ahead positively about how to move on. Thanks to Fred Manietta and Ray Cook too, for helping me keep it real, by being honest.

These guys made Holy Green Cow make sense and will continue to inspire me to go further and harder… (it’s quite possible that they wouldn’t care too, but it’s good to acknowledge influences) :

Tracey Moffatt... Survived and Conquered.

T.I.S.M... R.I.P.