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End of Year Festivities and Frivolities…

November 14, 2012

Just in time for the end of the Mayan Calendar, the QLD Centre for Photography will be hosting the first public exhibition of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told 2’.

This series was completed late last year and was written as a look at contemporary pop culture in the guise of a Hollywood Bible Epic.

It is a wonderful coincidence for me to be showing this series at this time and I hope you can all get a long to see the work in the flesh. (Try to make it before the 22nd of December, just in case my telling of the prophecy is wrong…)

Many thanks to all who contributed to this epic work and I look forward to seeing you there with Jean and Cordelia in tow.

For more information on the work, please visit





The Greatest Story Ever Told II

November 25, 2011

Finally, after a year, the new series is online and will debut at next weeks Grad show for Honours at QCA. (details in previous post)

This series has been incredible to make and there are so many people I would like to thank, but have already done that in person.

The Jpegs don’t do justice to the 1.5m prints, but if you can’t get to the show, there will be others in the new year!!

Stay posted.

Here it is…


Scene 2 - The Forbidden Fruit (Gathering Evil)

Honours Exhibition

November 22, 2011

Those who wish to see the new series ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told II’ it will be shown at the Honours Exhibition.

Details attached.

Many thanks to the wonderful people that helped make this year long project happen.

I couldn’t be happier with the work. I am so grateful to everyone that was a part of this.

See you there!!!



October 4, 2010

There is something oddly compelling about Catholic iconography.

To me this is inspirational, but not in the religious sense…

I have to admit to a love/fascination of religious imagery, from the sculptures and paintings in the most beautiful cathedrals to things like my Frankin Mint Commemorative Jesus Plate and my Glow in the Dark Saviour figure.

This image I captured for it’s sheer beauty in St Stephens cathedral in Brisbane. Just wanted to share  🙂

After all, it couldn’t be HolyGreenCow without the Holy.

A sign…

July 15, 2010

Now I kid you not… this vision appeared to me tonight at the bottom of my wine glass…

It looks distinctly like an angel. or a holy man… or something cherubic.

Yes it does.

It does.

Divine Inspiration.

The spooky thing is that this vision appeared within minutes of me finding out I had been asked to exhibit at the Brisbane Square Library next year!!!  (thanks to JME for passing on that info, it made my day!!!)

Uncanny? Holy? Inebriated?


I want to believe that this is a message from Pope Alice… To go forth and multiply.

Yes, yes I will…. Thank you Jeebus. You are so cool.

Who else in history has turned water into wine?

It’s a sign… I think I now know what the next series will be about. Huzzah.

New Photo – An Alternate Ending…

June 20, 2010

Yep. Just completed the final shot in the series Cataclysm… an alternate ending called The End is Nigh”

This shot was too cool to leave out so I have included it in the series proper. Hope you enjoy.

This wraps up the series nicely and Work can now begin on the next series…

The End is Nigh