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HGC vs. Wedding Photography

December 31, 2016

Long time no anything. Sorry, but life happens. Or doesn’t…

This was a request from a good friend (Starr: A hugely talented artist and Dr. Who fan) and really made her wedding folio sing  :p

Happy New Year.



The Meme Theory at work in 2013

January 9, 2013



Following on from the article in the Sunday Mail a few weeks ago, it seems that HolyGreenCow has experienced yet another 15 minutes of fame!

A recent visitor to the Queensland Centre for Photography in South Brisbane happened upon the ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told 2‘ exhibition and passed it along to a prominent (and distinguished)  blogger in the USA. Many thanks for the kind words too!!

Check out the blog here


The self perpetuating nature of the internet and the irony that this work itself could become viral (kinda viral – 20,000 hits in 2 days) is quite amusing.

Even if the subsequent traffic crashed my site twice … The sales of the work have more than made up for it    🙂


Have a Happy 2013  Y’all.




Sunday Mail 16/12/12

December 16, 2012

With only a few days left before the Mayan Calendar runs out, Sally Browne at the Sunday Mail has written a fantastic article about my current show in today’s Sunday Mail.

The Greatest Story Ever Told 2  is on at the QLD Centre for Photography until the 13th of January. Assuming the Mayans were just lazy and we will all still be here.

Since it was a day after HolyGreenCow’s 3rd anniversary on the planet, this is a really special way to celebrate!!




Sunday Mail 16 12 12 (click to read or buy it)

The Greatest Story Ever Told II

November 25, 2011

Finally, after a year, the new series is online and will debut at next weeks Grad show for Honours at QCA. (details in previous post)

This series has been incredible to make and there are so many people I would like to thank, but have already done that in person.

The Jpegs don’t do justice to the 1.5m prints, but if you can’t get to the show, there will be others in the new year!!

Stay posted.

Here it is…


Scene 2 - The Forbidden Fruit (Gathering Evil)

New Series..

November 21, 2011

It’s been a loooooong year this year. The birth of Cordelia has been the highlight, yet this entire year has been consumed by my Honours project.

It is this that I am about to give birth to this week 🙂

Without giving too much away, here’s a poster that makes up the introduction to my new series.

All will be revealed Friday after I have been officially assessed and can unleash this fantastic series on the world!!

I can’t wait!!!

Wrap up

December 5, 2010

Well the week was awesome and last night’s Luke Roberts Opening at the IMA was brilliant. Not only was the work beyond expectation, but the whole event was great. Even the band (Jezabels) were great.

It was great to catch up with some of Brisbane’s greats and have a chat with Luke himself. Do yourselves a favour and get into the IMA and see the show.

Friday night was good too and as the photo shows, I was hung next to Renata Busiak in the SNAP show at the Pine Rivers Regional Gallery.

It was a great show and featured Walter Stahl, who I have exhibited with at the QCP. On the whole it was a great week and really good to catch up with people in the scene.

Christmas next…

Deleted Scenes

November 1, 2010

Just uploaded the deleted scenes from austrALIENation…

You have to laugh..

October 30, 2010

While this isn’t strictly HGC related, it’s pretty bloody funny, so I wanted to share…

Saw this on the way home from dinner last night on a sign post in the middle of Nundah.

Good to see that not everybody in the world has lost their sense of humour  🙂

A breath of fresh air :p

New series online now

October 27, 2010

Finally, after a years worth of planning austrALIENation is online.

A departure from the processes of the ‘THEY CAME’ series, it’s still principally shot on the iPhone, but austrALIENation focuses on the underlying messages as it’s prime goal.

In the coming days a trailer will be released as a companion to the 2D works as well as some deleted scenes that didn’t make the final cut. But for now it can be viewed online at

For those that know me well, this has been a labour of love and I have had some major personal issues to overcome and that has made this series all the more special. Thanks also to Luke Roberts, who opened my eyes to a wider, more positive world.

Thanks for looking…


Ian / HGC

A scene from 'austrALIENation'

Graduating Exhibition…

October 22, 2010

I would like to invite you all to the graduation exhibition at QCA on Thursday the 18th of November at the QCA Southbank Campus.

More details to come, but in the meantime, how cool is the cover of our catalogue   :p


The new series is finished and is off to the framers tomorrow. Will post a few images on the website in the coming week.

I am so pleased with how it has all turned out after a year of planning, writing and constant brain draining it is worth the bottle of expensive red I’m about to open.




ps. that cow looks green to me


At least I think this is on the cover... I hope so.