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Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

May 10, 2012

Long time no blog, but I just wanted to post this picture of the first framed image from ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told 2’.

It has made the finals of the Moreton Bay Region Art Awards and I am extremely pleased, It looks great (even if this photo doesn’t show it…)

I literally picked it up from the Framers and dropped it off, so this is my first and last look at it… Til the opening on the 18th of May.

(Cordelia’s 1st Birthday)  :p


Artbank Collection

June 10, 2011

Was just sent a link for the Artbank Facebook page.

Check it out and LIKE something  🙂

I love the fact that Luke Roberts is on the same page!!

His work is Brilliant!!!

Prometheus Art Award

May 27, 2011

Kitty Revenge 2 Finalist in the Prometheus Art Award 2011


Well it wasn’t a win at the Awards, but it was a great night. Thanks to Clarissa Bones for coming along and getting me in the T2 lane 🙂

I have to admit… It was humbling to be chosen as a finalist. There was so much work I just loved!! 2 in particular that I would have bought on the spot, if I’d won the $15,000

The award was one by someone from Uni too. So I was one of two from QCA Photography. That was pretty cool too.

Luckily, the winning work contained NO ADVERBS…


Prometheus Visual Art Awards 2011

May 20, 2011

Had the Moreton Bay Art Awards tonight and my acquaintance Walter took home a Merit Award. Congrats. I didn’t actually get to speak with him unfortunately. Pretty sure he has no idea who I am  🙂

Dropped off  ‘KittyRevenge 2’ to the Prometheus Visual Arts Award on the Gold Coast today. Looking forward to that one, it’s one of the biggest prizes I have been involved with so far.

Marian Drew and Lister ( I LOVE his work) made the finals last time (2009), so I am quite honoured just to have made the finals. Fingers Crossed I guess…

But really, this week I have already been blessed with the birth of my daughter Cordelia, that anything else would be a miracle.

Moreton Bay Region Art Awards

May 11, 2011

Dropped the work off today with JME Pool. Our second year in the finals at the Moreton Bay Region Art Awards.

Winners are announced next Friday. Jean will be a little busy, but I might be able to make it.  😉

Saw Walter Stahl drop his off too, it’s the third or fourth time Walter and I have been hung together. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember me though. Such is the anonymous lifestyle of HGC  🙂

Check him out though, he’s doing something cool and different too…

Graduation Night

December 18, 2010

For better or for worse… it’s done. I now have a Bachelor of Photography. And a Life again…

… At least until I start Honours next year. It’ll be a struggle, but hey.. what in life isn’t?

Unfortunately I had to do it all alone last night, with Jean in Tasmania collecting her own ‘Master of Contemporary Art’ and Mum and Dad not able to make it due to health reasons. Thankfully Simon and Justine were there to help fill my belly with wine and curry on our ‘special night’  :p

But here’s a quick photo from last night’s graduation with my great friend Fidi. One of the other people that helped make it a little bit pleasant. Thanks Fidi and I will see you in LA (one day)   🙂


Just quickly..

November 11, 2010

Not to take any shine away from the ‘Last Days’ Graduation Exhibition, but here’s another exhibition I’m in soon…. It features 4 pieces from the Cataclysm series. So I hope you can make it for a great night of ‘different’ photography.

The Pine Rivers Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition SNAP! – Photography with a twist.

SNAP! is a collaborative exhibition of contemporary photographers celebrating the quirky, off beat side of life.

From the peculiar to the bizarre, SNAP! is impressive, humorous and thought provoking.

The exhibition will open on: Friday, December 3, at 6:00 pm

Me, Me, Someone Else for a change, Me

November 10, 2010

This came in the mail today and while the Cynical Voice in my head says that blogging this is purely self promotion, I listened to the Warm Fuzzy voice that said it’s good to be good.

The Cynical Voice also said that it doesn’t matter, no one reads your blog anyway…

Anyway, I donated a few prints from the THEY CAME series to help out a worthy cause. I’m not a hero, but it feels nice to be treated like one.

Take THAT Cynical Voice!!

ps. The Cynical Voice also wanted to add that young people almost never say thank you for themselves… So that in itself makes this Blog Worthy.

The Future is NOW…

September 12, 2010

Just got back from a loooong drive to Toowoomba and back (with no stereo and only Ween’s ‘Mister wont you please help my pony’ going on and on in my head for the entire trip… there is something to be said for not being sober)

Anyway, it was an awesome day and Holy Green Cow has been given a great honour, by having all four works from the ‘They Came‘ series acquired (purchased) by the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Not only that, but they have been chosen for the ‘Crates on Wheels‘ touring exhibition in 2011 !!!!

I had a great chat with the Lord mayor and his wife about Holy Green Cow and art and music.

Special thanks to Sue and everyone at the Gallery. It was a fantastic exhibition and I am really quite blown away.

Pine Rivers Regional Gallery

September 1, 2010

Awesome news!!

HolyGreenCow has just been asked to exhibit in the Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery in December as part of the ‘SNAP!’ Photographic Art Exhibition for the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

This will be images from the newly revamped ‘Cataclysm 2.0’ series.

More details to follow…